Forgiveness starts with S for Sorry

This week I’m touching on two interrelated aspects of forgiveness: the forgiveness we can receive from God; and the restoration that we as people can give each other when needed.

‘Lord, I’ve messed up!’ is a poem I wrote out of a time in my life when I was struggling to do things the right way. The main idea being the very core message of Christianity -we can receive forgiveness from God – when we truly recognise our wrongs and bring them to God, saying sorry and deciding to live a different way. Even if you don’t share my faith or viewpoint, I wonder if you’ve ever been able to relate to some of the feelings in this poem. Structurally this is a version of a Spanish Quintain (Quintilla) which I’ve discovered is just a fancy way of saying all the verses have five lines.

‘Keys’ is, like ‘Forgiveness Juice’ (see last week’s blog) a Narrative poem but this time based on particular true events. The situation described had such a profound effect on me and helped me to learn that we can all offer each other grace and restoration in the simplest of ways. So huge thanks to Helena for the love you showed me- and thanks to other friends and family members who similarly loved me through and beyond the mess I had made at that time. This is a loose type of Sonnet. For Helena and Wendy.

Lord, I’ve messed up!

I’ve messed up Lord
I feel like a fraud
I feel like a fake
Its a nightmare – but I’m awake
Lord…I’ve messed up!
I’m broken Father
I’m breaking, rather
Can’t count the tears I’ve cried
But there’s still pain inside
Father,  I’m broken.
I’m lost, Jesus
I know You’ll never leave us  
But I feel so far away
Do You hear me when I pray?
Jesus… I’m lost.
I need you, Comforter
Like a desert needs water
Please touch me with Your love
Your grace, more than enough
Comforter, I need you.
I trust you, my King
For there’s not a single thing
That’s too difficult for You
Your Word will bring me through
My King, I trust in You.

Copyright  Katie Lee 2020


You were going away for three months.
You offered me the key to your flat, because you thought I was trustworthy.
I didn’t take the key because I knew myself to be the opposite- and
I didn’t want you to find out that I was no longer the person you believed me to be.
You found out anyway.
I had to tell you, as it happened, and ‘fess up.
You were completely shocked. Horrified, even. But nonetheless,
You were still the person I knew you to be.             
You never exposed me; or made me feel ashamed.
You were kind, and helped me to believe
I could have another chance.
You helped me to start again and be the person I was created to be.   
So, as it is, I’m grateful that I didn’t take your key.
But thank you for believing in me.

Copyright Katie Lee 2020

Lord if you kept record of our wrongs, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness of sins, so we can serve you with reverencePsalm 130 v 3-4

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