Forgiveness – the greatest ever invention?

Hi everyone, thank you for perusing this third and final post exploring the theme of forgiveness- not that there isn’t much more to say – I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface! I have three poems to share this week – they need little introduction this time. I hope you take something from them.

Rhetorical Questions – is what it says on the tin.

Classic – a short piece of silliness that (nursery) rhymes, with apologies to Lewis Carroll.

Necessity is the mother of all invention – is genuine praise to the Author of forgiveness.

Rhetorical questions
I went down to the beach and sat in the surf.
I wanted to ask the sea some questions:
Why is it so difficult to forgive sometimes?
Aren’t there some things so bad that forgiveness just doesn’t apply?
Isn’t the 491st offence a bit too late to start holding a grudge?
And does forgiving someone mean that what they did doesn’t matter?
How does justice fit in to all of this?
The sea said nothing but smiled and waved me on.
I went up to the cliff top and stood on the rocks.
I needed to ask the wind some questions:
Does anyone ever truly deserve to be forgiven?
Does one person deserve forgiveness any more or any less than another?
Do I really have to forgive everyone who wronged me if I want to be forgiven myself?
What if they’re not sorry?
How do feelings fit in to all of this?
The wind nodded wisely. Once again I had no reply to my questions – just hot air.
I went over to the meadow and lay on the grass.
I decided to ask the sun some questions:
How do I know if I’m forgiven?
Should I confess things out loud -does that actually work?
What if I can’t forgive myself?
What if they won’t forgive me?
How does reason fit in to all of this?
The sun yawned and stretched and said,
‘Go to bed Little One. And don’t worry your head with things that are too much for you to understand.’
I said, ‘Thanks, but they were rhetorical questions.’ Then I went to bed.


‘I hit you so you hit me,’ said Tweedle Dum to Tweedle Dee
‘You hit me first,’ said Tweedle Dum, ‘That makes you doubly in the wrong.
It is no bother dear Tweedle Dee if you would just say sorry to me.’
‘I am not sorry dear Tweedle Dum,’ said Tweedle Dee and sucked his thumb.
On they bickered, round and round; back and forth, and up and down.
You’d ne’er believe that such a battle was all about a spoilt rattle!
Til Tweedle Dee with mighty clout knocked his favourite brother out.
‘Say, its so boring to keep warring ...Lets make amends and be friends’.
With that twin one stretched out his hand, to help the grounded twin to stand…
So you may think this poem done… til Tweedle Dum pulled out his gun…

Necessity is the mother of all invention

When we invented wrong
You invented forgiveness
And when You created it,
Did you know what a wonderful thing it would be?
You spent a lifetime living it
Spent hours perfecting it
Pouring sweat blood and tears into it:
This beautiful thing called forgiveness
One of Your greatest masterpieces:
Priceless beyond comparison.
We invent more ways of doing evil.
You say, ‘forgiveness still works!’
What a freeing gift to receive-
To know You still love us
That we hurt you, but You say
‘It’s OK, I forgive you, I still want you.’
In ancient times You showed Yourself apart
Holy, Separate, True. We couldn’t approach
Such Perfection with all our mess
Unless there was some kind of sacrifice.
Actually, You invented this
Most startling thing in all creation,
Before we even messed up at all.
Before this human race ever came to be
You had already nominated Your Son
To be the final, once for all sacrifice.
So even though You knew
We would hurt you, ignore You
You still chose to create us, love us, forgive us.
Priceless beyond comparison
Lord that blows my mind, I want to invent
Some ways to love you Lord
I’ll write you a poem Lord
To thank you for this beautiful thing,
Forgiveness -one of your most astounding creations
And always part of your plan
From before time and space began
Now we can approach
The Holy place of grace, and know You
That’s Priceless beyond comparison.

 All poems copyright Katie Lee 2020.

I hope something spoke to you. Next week we move on to the theme of ‘New Chapters’ -it is September after all! Hope to see you there!

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Katie Lee is a fresh thinking poet now ready to share her work with the world.

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness – the greatest ever invention?

  1. Wow I loved your poems this week.
    I really enjoyed the silly wind, waves and the Sun. I burst out laughing at the end of Tweedle Dun and Tweedle Dee, and I cried reading the last one.
    Keep up the good work!
    Looking forward to more poems to come 😀


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