Can you start over just by deciding to?

Three poems for you this week. ‘Fair and Square’ is inspired by happy hours spent in Gordon Square, Bloomsbury. Sometimes (in fact, in most cases) one season has to end so that a new one can begin. ‘Small Victories’ and ‘Brand New Day’ were both drafted a few years ago, in a difficult part of my journey so far. These short poems share a similar sentiment- that beginning a new chapter often is not dramatic or glamourous, rather it can just mean taking small steps or making a decision towards your new direction.

Fair and Square

Meet me there - in Gordon Square
At the end of the Summer
When the grass is returning to green
And the trees are cautiously changing their colour
Meet me in the loveliest Square.
So we can admire the late blooming flowers
And the constantly changing carpet of people
We’ll laugh and sing, while away the hours
There is a peace and a friendship there
There is a pausing and relaxing of time
As folk take a moment out in the air
The clocks stop their ticking, alarms cease to chime
The Autumn is coming
But today is still warm
So I’ll meet you there
In the fairest of squares.

Small Victories

Smiling despite feeling heartbroken.

Listening instead of shouting

Asking a question instead of demanding an answer.

Reading my Bible wins out against the head trip this time.

Making something into a joke, rather than turning it into a big deal.

Not replying to that text message.

Trying to be nice – and succeeding for a change.

Worshipping God in place of meditating on nonsense again.

Meeting up with a friend instead of feeling sorry for myself.

Celebrating with others their joys. Making myself look nice even when I feel like rubbish.

Small victories. But each one a brick, rebuilding the broken wall of my life.

Thank you Lord. You have won the victory for me.

Brand New Day

Brand New Day.

The sun is smiling. 

The birds are singing.

Brand New Start.

I’ve decided: Today, I’m winning.

Big God on my side

My heart is open, open wide

Today I will celebrate

How good You’ve been to me.

I will enjoy myself this day

Because I’m forgiven And I’m free!

Brand New Chance.

Although I don’t need to prove myself to You

I want to give something back to You.

Today comes and with it dances a

Brand New Opportunity

To get things right

So today is a day of celebration.

Today is special to you Lord.

I will not grieve:

I will mourn no longer

The regrets of the past

The joy of the Lord is my strength

This Brand New Day

Published by thepoetrymouse

Katie Lee is a fresh thinking poet now ready to share her work with the world.

4 thoughts on “Can you start over just by deciding to?

  1. Christian life is full of fresh new starts. What a good feeling it is to be reminded of this through these poems!


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