Introducing Katie Lee – the poetry mouse

Katie Lee is a fresh thinking poet who is now ready to start sharing her work with the world! Thepoetrymouse.com is Katie’s very first blog. You will probably notice that Katie has a strong Christian faith that shapes her whole mindset and outlook on life. 

Katie has always enjoyed exploring the way words can be used to convey ideas. Writing has been part of Katie’s life since childhood, when she used to write plays and then commandeer her siblings to act them out!

Katie is married to Ken who inspires her every day.  Much of Katie’s time is spent working as a physiotherapist in a hospice setting. When Katie is not constructing poems or devising exercise programmes she enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating cake and walking or running by waterways. Home is Addlestone, Surrey.

Keep an eye out for Katie’s upcoming poetry collection – ‘Dignity’  – based on her experiences in end of life care. This will be Katie’s debut collection.

January 2021

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