Is there a happy ending?

This poem is inspired by my work in hospice care. I often meet people who find themselves facing very difficult personal situations – and who yet some how still hold on to hope. Along with that, I’ve come to realise that people have a wide array of coping strategies – and can be so incrediblyContinue reading “Is there a happy ending?”

Are we nearly there yet?

Two poems this time. Groundhog Day was written in response to a general sense amongst people I know, that we have been struggling through the same difficult situation for quite a while now, and with no clear end point in sight. Whatever your situation, if you are fed up of the same old thing, thisContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”

Can you start over just by deciding to?

Three poems for you this week. ‘Fair and Square’ is inspired by happy hours spent in Gordon Square, Bloomsbury. Sometimes (in fact, in most cases) one season has to end so that a new one can begin. ‘Small Victories’ and ‘Brand New Day’ were both drafted a few years ago, in a difficult part ofContinue reading “Can you start over just by deciding to?”

Forgiveness – the greatest ever invention?

Hi everyone, thank you for perusing this third and final post exploring the theme of forgiveness- not that there isn’t much more to say – I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface! I have three poems to share this week – they need little introduction this time. I hope you take something from them. RhetoricalContinue reading “Forgiveness – the greatest ever invention?”

Forgiveness starts with S for Sorry

This week I’m touching on two interrelated aspects of forgiveness: the forgiveness we can receive from God; and the restoration that we as people can give each other when needed. ‘Lord, I’ve messed up!’ is a poem I wrote out of a time in my life when I was struggling to do things the rightContinue reading “Forgiveness starts with S for Sorry”

Forgiveness Juice / Bittersweet

‘Forgiveness Juice’ is based on various experiences that I’ve had over the years. I have definitely played the part of both the customer and the waitress, at different times.  ‘Bittersweet’ is a simple acrostic, inspired by observing someone who is struggling to forgive.  If you are reading this and I’ve ever wronged you, then pleaseContinue reading “Forgiveness Juice / Bittersweet”